Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Laptop not charging?

Well,eventhough if you have turned power on and still the laptop doesn't charge.this problem still persists even if it has proper power supply.
First of all check the laptop by removing its battery and then plug in the charger.If it turns ON then well the problem is with your battery that is not working.If it doesn't turn on then you have to check the charger instead of battery.try using different charger and if it works down then replace your charger with a new one.If both the charger and battery doesn't seem problem then you have to go to manufacturer's service center for rectifying because it must be hardware problem or dust might substantially fell inside the laptop.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Laptop common issues

After buying a laptop there will be many issues which are not even known by many of them.
there are 2 types of issues.
1.software issues
2.hardware issues
Both of these can be solved at home with simple techniques unless if hardware parts are not damaged.
major issues of hardware problem can be like short circuit of power,if the laptop has fell down then the hardware has to be changed and this can be done properly at servicing centers.

There are many issues with softwares.
first of all maintain a genuine antivirus and this takes care of all unwanted things.
I suggest to go for Bit Defender,it completely checks complete system performance and gives the required suggestions.
It is also good to maintain a junk cleaner and registry fixer.you can use Iobit software for this.
if the junk is cleaned then system will speed up a lot.